Westminster, CO Baby & Children Photography // Hudson {1 year old}



Baby Hudson turned 1! It was so great to witness him grow and change this first year. I always feel so grateful to be a part of my client’s lives and watch babies turn into toddlers, then preschoolers, then enter the kindergarten age. Hudson’s mom shared with me:

“We decided on the 1 year package in general because I know how much babies change in the first year. The first year is so jam-packed with LIFE that I wanted to know that no matter what, we had already put a plan in place to document the important milestones (birth, sitting, walking). A good friend of mine purchased the 1 year package for her first daughter. When we saw those pictures, we fell in love!”

And I, of course, adore this family and their love for each other, their patience and ability to plan and achieve great results. It was always so worry free with Hudson’s family. I always knew what they wanted because they were so open to communicate it to me! Hudson’s mom said:

 “I think what’s been most helpful is that I will send you the outline of my “plan” and then you give suggestions/tips on what will work the best.”

… I love to listen to people’s stories… Who they are and what do they enjoy…

“It was nice to have this session outdoors. We love to go on walks as a family and go to parks, Hudson LOVES to swing!!! Though he’s been a little slower at some of the milestones, we have really learned that it doesn’t matter and that he’s just his own person and will do everything at his own pace. That realization has brought a lot of peace to our household. What I am probably most proud of is that he really takes his time to observe his surroundings and take everything in before reacting. He’s already so observant and intuitive and I just love that it already shows us so much of his personality.

His favorite time of day is when Daddy comes home. The smile that comes across his face brings such light to my heart every time I see it. He also loves using Mama as a personal jungle gym (isn’t that supposed to be Daddy’s job?). :)

About getting ready for this session Hudson’s mom mentioned:

“This session was so much easier to prepare for since it was outside. No backdrops to pick out, so all we had to do was focus on the outfits, which I LOVE to do because of my background in retail. Well, I really wanted to focus to be on Hudson, so we tried to keep it as simple as possible. I love using the chairs because the focus is all on him, but still adds a little punch and interest to the photo. The balloons were a nice way to celebrate his birthday without doing a cake smash and dealing with all of the mess!

The one prop that mostly stands out for me is probably the tie that we used in the pictures. Hudson’s father wore that tie on our wedding day. I thought it would be really special to put Hudson in it and then when and if we ever have a girl, possibly do a picture of her in my wedding gown. :)

When I asked Hudson’s mom about how does she like the result of this 1 year long venture she said:

“It’s so funny.  No matter what the situation during the session, you always amaze us with fantastic photographs.  After Hudson’s rough 2nd session, I was so determined that we’d have a smooth 3rd session.  What do you know, we forget all of his outfits… :(  (The Dad had to save the day and drive to get the outfits).You are definitely talented in getting greats shots quickly and despite not the best circumstances, thank you!”

I am so happy and grateful to hear sincere praise from the families I get to work with! It means so much to me being loved and appreciated for staying consistent with the positive results my clients enjoy!

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