Denver Newborn Twins Baby Photography // Avery & Claire { 3 weeks old}





Denver Newborn Twins Baby PhotographerNewborn Twins Baby Photography in Denver, CO //Avery & Claire {3 weeks old}

Welcome beautiful Avery and Claire! It was such a joy working with this family and these precious little angels in my studio for their newborn portraits. Twins photo session was a little challenging but despite it all we were able to create most beautiful memories for the family to treasure! Here is what the twins mom had shared with me recently:

…”I knew that I wanted to have high quality, beautiful portraits taken of my newborn twins even before they were born. It was so important to me to capture the moments in their newborn life in a meaningful way. 

And your photos are more than just photos; they are art. As I looked at photos on your blog before the girls were born, I instantly felt a connection to the style of photography you provide and knew you would provide the highest quality photos. 

The quality of your photos is beyond what I would ever have expected, and I felt that paying for this excellent quality was worth it. Working with you was much better than I could imagine I could do myself (or anyone else I imagine could do) given your expertise with newborn posing and your expertise in actually taking beautiful photos. I also believe that your patience with newborns and allowance for additional session days as needed is something unique to the service you provide compared to other photographers. 

Your attention to detail with posing/backgrounds/lighting excelled anything I would have ever been able to do myself.  
Working with you was so easy and made the process so enjoyable: I utilized the advice you gave me, and made sure we had plenty of food for the girls. I also made sure that the session was timed well with the girls schedule such that we could feed them and have them fall asleep right at the beginning of the session in your studio. 

I now have beautiful photos of my newborn twin girls which I have been able to display all over my house, and I couldn’t be happier with your work and the resultant photos. Most people who have come to visit and have seen the photos cannot believe how beautiful the photos have turned out, including people who recently had children and used other photographers. Looking at the photos everyday brings back so many good memories about the girls in their newborn period. I can’t say enough about how happy I was to work with you for these photos. 

Now the girls are a little older and the girls’ as mom shared, they “love colorful toys that make noise, and they love to listen to music and kick their feet to the music ! As a family, we like to go for walks in wash park and enjoy spending time in the mountains. 

The girls are smiling, laughing, cooing, and are gaining much better head control as they become more interactive with the world. I am proud of both of my girls for being so happy and meeting their developmental milestones despite being born a month early!”

And I am so happy to stay in touch and get to know how the girls are doing now. :) I already can’t wait to see them for our next photo session when the girls are sitting up!

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