Denver Newborn Baby Photography // Levi {5 days old}



denver-newborn-baby-photography-levi-being-held-in-dads-hands-mom-kissing-his-head-black-and-white-image-12.jpgDenver Newborn Baby PhotographerNewborn Baby Photography in Denver, CO //Levi {5 days old}

Welcome Levi! His loving and beautiful family now is feeling even more happy and content with Levi’s arrival :) Here is what Levi’s mommy shared with me:

“…I wanted to capture my son as a newborn. Within six weeks he doubled in size (weight and length).  All I have left of that special stage in his life are these beautiful photos. These photos represent innocence, a new beginning, life changes and love. I will never have him at that stage again; it lasted for only so long. I fully regret not doing the same for my first child.

When I first met you, at that promotional photo event, my daughter was getting her photos taken and I was about 7 months pregnant. You brought some of your professional work with you. Looking at them, I knew that I would not pass up a chance to capture my second child as a newborn.

You helped me prepare for this session tremendously by meeting with my husband and I ahead of time.  When we met about a month before my son’s due date, we went over the costs and discussed expectations of the photo shoot on both our ends (ie: when to arrive, how long the session will take, the different poses we will use, props to accessorize the shoot, etc.). We wanted to capture the feeling. So when we started choosing the props, we chose what felt right and what came to us.

We also saved dates in the calendar. I was relieved to know that we didn’t just save one date. Rather you saved about a week in your schedule.  This was done so that after the baby was born we had some flexibility on when to have the session. The calendar block helped out a lot because not only did I need a little more time to heal from the delivery post hospital stay, my husband was working and his schedule wasn’t as flexible.

And now, I am so pleased with the results. The photos are sharp and clear. The props used and the way the baby was positioned in the photos look timeless. The photos remind me of how far we have come and how precious those moments were; the purpose of taking these photos was fulfilled.

This session reflects on innocence, the early stages of my baby’s life, the sweet moments I had alone with him postpartum, the wonderful changes in our family’s life, and a new love.

I am proud that my baby was healthy and thriving at that age; that was the most important thing to me. Now at a little over 2 months, he lifts his head up, he can recognize faces, he is cooing and cawing, and he is finally sleeping long hours at night (almost 6 hours!).

We didn’t quite get ready for the session. I had an outfit for my daughter to wear for the “sibling” part and my husband and I cleaned up (showered, did our hair, applied very little makeup). We wanted the inspiration to come to us in the moment. I am not one to prepare every single detail as it takes away from the natural feeling of taking photos. In the end, the results were perfect. The portraits turned out easy-going, relaxed, spontaneous; it captured a beautiful feeling and a beautiful moment.”

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