Denver Baby & Children Photography // Brittany {2 years old}




Denver Baby & Children PhotographerBaby & Children Photography in Denver, CO // Brittany {2 years old}

 This session was special… I got to photograph a family who’s daughter I watched growing up for the last few years. Brittany, who visited me 3 times in the first year, now came back for her new portraits! Back in early spring, I suggested we would wait until these blossoms… and what a treat! They turned out to be the icing on the cake! Brittany – gorgeous little lady grew up to be so smart, independent, emotionally mature for her age and very very talkative! Amazing expressions and emotions! Watching this family being so in love, caring for each other, poured some extra love into my heart :)

Here are a few words this family wanted to share with you all…

“We decided to do this photo session because my daughter just recently turned 2 and it had been a year since we last had her pictures taken. Children change and grow so quickly in the first several years and we wanted to make sure to capture what she looks like at each age.

We chose Marina for this photo session because we had used her in the past and LOVE her work. The photos always turn out amazing. She has a way of capturing moments with our daughter that are very natural and endearing. I have no doubt we will cherish the photos she has created for us for many more years to come. And on top of that, Marina does a great job of working with each client on a very personal level. She really gets to know you and becomes a friend.

Marina helped us by capturing very natural and endearing moments with our 2-year-old daughter that we will cherish for many years to come.

We could not be more pleased with the results of the session. Marina is truly a miracle worker. About mid-way through our session, Britt started to lose interest in taking more photos, but Marina patiently continued on. After looking at the photos, you would never know our daughter threw any kind of a fit mid-way through. The photos are still phenomenal!

Marina worked with us closely to prepare for the session. She encouraged us to bring Britt’s favorite teddy bear, toys, etc. so that we could capture her with these items and remember years from now what Britt liked at 2-years-old. Marina also gave us tips on wardrobe, which was very helpful.”

Here are a few words about this amazing little girl:  “Britt is a very picky eater, but her favorite food is mac ‘n cheese. She doesn’t necessarily have a favorite color yet, but is currently learning to pair names of colors with the correct color. Britt LOVES to read, hence why we brought books to be included in our photo session. She doesn’t necessarily have a favorite, but LOVES flipping through any book that has vibrant pictures. She really likes to watch movies and her favorite changes from week to week. Currently, we have been watching a lot of “Toy Story.” Britt loves her “mama,” “dada,” “gra-ma(s)” and “papas.” She loves animals, especially her grandparent’s dogs.

Now 2, Britt is saying new words and phrases everyday. I am constantly amazed at how much she is communicating with us. At this age, I am most proud of her personality. We often joke about how “crazy & spirited” she is, but truly her bold, go-getter personality leads me to believe she will do great things in this world. It is such a blessing to watch her grow!

Britt LOVES to spend time together as a family. Any time we go somewhere she asks if “mama and dada (are coming) too.” We love to watch movies together, play at the park or outside, make up our own games, go shopping, cook meals and just be together.

To me this session reflects on the bond we have created together as a family. I love how Marina’s approach for this session was to capture natural moments of TJ and I playing with our daughter. When Britt came in to our lives 2 years ago, she changed us forever. I think this session reflects the beautiful outcome of that transition.

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