Denver Baby & Children Photography // Brittany {1 year old}



Denver Baby & Children PhotographerBaby & Children Photography in Denver, CO // Brittany {1 year old}


Brittany turned 1! And graduated from babies to toddlers :) It was so great to photograph this new stage in Brittany’s life and catch up with the family…

I got to find out that Britt is an extremely active and curious toddler! Her favorite foods are cheese and berries. Her favorite book is “Peek-A-Who”! (She loves to look at herself in the mirror at the end.) She loves it when Mommy and Daddy sing the ABC’s to her. She loves watching her favorite show “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.” Her favorite person is Mommy, but Daddy is right up there too! Britt LOVES animals in general, but is particularly fond of dogs and even knows how to say “woof, woof”! She also loves to play outside.

Britt was not quite walking at the time of the shoot, but is now full steam ahead! She is also learning to say a few words and signs.

At this age, her parents are the most proud of “her active and curious spirit! She is such a smart girl and is becoming very aware of the amazing world around her.

We LOVE to spend time together as a family! Our favorite activities include taking walks together, going to the park, going to the zoo, sharing meals together, and ‘play’ wrestling on the floor!”

 Mommy told me: “This session reflects on the beautiful and smart little girl that Britt is growing up to be. It also showcases the joy that we have found together as a family of three.”

Brittany’s mom shared: “I remember how my Mom saw your work at her doctor’s office and was very impressed!” …That is how our friendship started :)

“We decided to do the first year package to capture Britt’s first year on camera! Babies grow fast and we wanted to create a keepsake that would help us to remember the various stages and ‘looks’ Britt went through in her first year.

 You helped us create beautiful portraits that are creative, cute and will stand the test of time!

 We were thrilled to be able to use my husband’s police gear for one of the portraits. It’s a great way to honor the work that he does and made for really cute photos of Britt in the BIG shoes and hat that her father wears!

We also did a set with hearts to commemorate February, the month Brittany was born.

We were thrilled at Marina’s suggestion to use the same tree branch and beads from her newborn and 6-month photos to show how much she’s grown and have a common theme across all 3 sessions.

And finally, the smash cake photo was quite a treat for everyone! It was so fun to watch Britt try cake for the first time and we are so glad to have had the chance to capture professionally memories of this special moment.

We also appreciate how you were so patient with Britt and knew tricks to make her comfortable and happy during the sessions.

We LOVE the results! There are a lot of baby photographers out there, but you bring a unique creativity to the photos that makes them stand out.”

It was such a pleasure to meet and get to know this family! I am looking forward to watch Brittany grow up and this family to grow :)

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