Denver Baby & Children Photography // Addy {7 months old}





Denver Baby & Children PhotographerBaby & Children Photography in Denver, CO // Addy {7 months old}


“… We do not have any pictures of Addy hanging in the house, but we have all of the pictures you did of Izzy (older sister) everywhere.  It was long overdue for us to have family pictures, and I wanted some of Addy the same age as the pictures of Izzy.

The reason we chose to work with you, is because we LOVE the pictures you took of Izzy, and I wanted similar photos.  We had a cheaper photography session (with another photographer) when I was pregnant, and when Addy was a newborn, but they don’t compare to the beautiful work you do.

You take much more time and effort than any other photographer, and pay attention to the details, and really want us to have beautiful pictures that we can hang in our home for years to come.

Just seeing the RAW pictures, they were exactly what I was looking for, even more.  I can’t imagine the outcome of the retouched/edited pictures.  Everything is perfect.  I took some ideas/samples of what I liked, and you did exactly what I wanted, even more!!! :)

To prepare for the session, we…

Looked at your website, looked at Pinterest, and used similar pictures of Izzy (like the one with the letter blocks) that I wanted of Addy.

Addy is at the stage where she wants to explore everything, feel everything, and put everything in her mouth.  She is sitting up on her own, but not crawling yet.  I wanted to capture some of her signature poses/faces at this time in her life.

Izzy loves to dress like a princess, twirl around in dresses, and have long hair “like Rapunzel.”  She is loving school and everything she learns.  She is a very good big sister, is very helpful around the house, and loves to spend time with Addy.  She is very good at calming her down if she is upset, and loves to make her laugh.

Addy loves to cuddle, hug, give kisses, play, grab things, eat milk and baby food, and play with toys.  She LOVES to play and chew on the tag on just about any animal, piece of clothing, or blanket.  She loves to lay on her tummy and scoot herself around or roll across the room.

Izzy loves the color pink, and anything princess related.  She is a true girl.  She loves macaroni and cheese, Rapunzel, Frozen and any Disney fairytale.

As a family, we love to go to the park, take walks, and play at home.

This session truly shows the love our family has for each other, the age of the girls, and especially the love they have for each other.”

Newborn, baby, children & family photographer – Marina Lower, located in Denver, CO. Marina specializes in stylish newborn baby photography,  newborns with siblings and family and  infant baby portraits at her downtown Denver, CO photography studio, capturing the first year of baby’s life. Marina also creates stylish Mother & Child portraits for those special memories. Marina specializes in children & kids portraits  in Denver, CO, as well as travels for family lifestyle photosfamily and children photo documentaryfamily photo journalism and life documentary photography.  She travels for in home or outdoor portrait sessions to Cherry Creek  Neighborhood, Washington Park Neighborhood and to mountain towns of Vail, Frisco, Breckenridge Edwards and Avon as well as Colorado Springs. Visit for more info and to view online photo portfolio.

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