Denver Baby, Children & Family Photography //Nora & the family



Denver Baby, Children & Family PhotographerBaby & Children Photography in Denver, CO //Nora {2 years old} & the family

I loved this session with Nora and her parents just as much as I had enjoyed each and every session with this family! These 2 amazing parents instill happiness that Nora radiates into the world! I am blessed to watch this family grow for 3 years now… and I Love them to pieces!

Here is what Nora’s mom had emailed me to share with you all…

“…Nora has a deep love for reading and being read to. She loves all things animals with hippos and horses being her favorite animals at the moment. Lately she’s into playing dress up and putting together puzzles. Thanks to our most recent vacation, she now has a deep love for donuts!

Nora’s vocabulary is continuously growing. Everyday she surprises us by putting more words into sentences! It’s a joy to listen to her. Physically she loves to jump, spin, toss and catch. One of her great accomplishments right now is potty training even though we haven’t completely mastered it, she insists on doing things all on her own. We love that she is so eager to learn and is usually willing to try things at least once. Dad and I couldn’t be prouder of this precocious, independent girl!

 As a family we love to travel, read together at bedtime, ride bikes, go for walks in our neighborhood or to the park. Enjoying dinner at the table every evening is a must for us as we like to share each others day.

And of course we choose to continue to use you as our photographer because of your ability to capture raw emotion in your images. Your always willing to do what it takes to make our entire family feel comfortable in front of the camera. Of course your patience with Nora has always been remarkable. You always make her feel at ease!

..I was hesitant about the outcome due to the dreary weather that day but was pleasantly surprised that the weather had no impact on our session.  Once again your images didn’t disappoint! Our portraits are beautiful!

 This session reflects on the connection we share as a family along with our individual relationships with Nora. Although Nora shares a different connection with me than that of her father, both are very important in shaping her as well as our family.

I wanted to capture the final weeks of my pregnancy along with our final days as a family of three. I wanted images that I could look back on to remind me of when it was just the three of us. A time when Nora taught us so much by making us parents.”


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