Broomfield Baby & Children Photography // Hudson {6 months old}


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Broomfield Baby & Children Photographer. Children & Baby Photography in Broomfield, CO // Hudson {6 months old}


There are no better words to describe what mothers say share about their children and portrait sessions as their own words…

…”Children are so fascinating and they grow up, change, and experience so much in the first year. We wanted to capture as many of Hudson’s milestones as possible. We chose the first year package because though we intend to take a million photos ourselves of Hudson’s first years, it’s always inspiring to see a different point of view and there’s just something dynamic about a professional photo, it’s crispness, it’s color, it’s artistry.

 As a family we love to go on walks, play at the park, snuggle together, and read.

Hudson is still working on crawling, but he sits like a champ, army crawls, and like to do “squats” in the laundry basket to practice pulling up. He also recently learned and loves to clap his hands together whenever we say “Yay!”, he waves hi and goodbye, and he LOVES to feed himself finger foods.

 Hudson’s most recent favorites are cottage cheese, cantaloupe, avocados.

He loves any book by Sandra Boynton, and swinging.

You can tell he loves music because he loves Pandora children’s radio, playing the piano (both real and toy), and drumming on pots and pans. His favorite songs are “You Are My Sunshine” and “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”.

During the preparation process I specifically picked out Hudson’s outfits for the session. I would just watch for fun outfits or accessories that I thought would be good colors for him, or dynamic for the shoot. I love a pop of color and a trendy, but comfortable feel for photos.

The most personal choices for the session were our props. The wooden train was Hudson dad’s when he was a wee one and his favorite Grandpa made it especially for him. We love that you can see daddy’s name carved into the bottom of the train in some of the pictures as Hudson is playing with it.

The wooden airplane was also mine as a kid and was given to me by my Dad (he is a retired Air Force and commercial pilot).”

I always enjoy working with this family on their stylized portrait sessions. Hudson’s mom is always organized, loves to look for props and style the session to her own taste! I love being a part of creating personalized photos for this family!


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