Boulder Newborn Baby Photography // Hazel {5 weeks old}

boulder-newborn-baby-photography-baby-girl-with-flower-headband_096_Hazel 5w

boulder-newborn-baby-photography-baby-girl-with-flower-headband_094_Hazel 5w

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boulder-newborn-baby-photography-of baby girl

Boulder Newborn Baby Photographer. Newborn Baby Photography in Boulder, CO // Hazel {5 weeks old}


Meet Hazel… Beautiful little girl who is so blessed to have 3 siblings already! They are so happy to love and take care of Hazel so patiently :)

The best way to get to know this family if from the words of mum of course:

 “I wanted to have professional portraits done of all my children.  I had done some of older twins when they were about 6 months old and some of younger baby girl when she was born, but I hadn’t done any of all of my children together.  And then Hazel was born….  She’s our last baby so our family is complete and we wanted to have some nice portraits of her and all the kids together.

Family is very important to me and just being together is a great time.  But we also enjoy the outdoors– playing in the yard, gardening, hiking, swimming, picnics, etc.  We love to travel!  We have family movie nights and family game nights as often as we can.

Hazel loves her brother and sisters– the sound of their voices makes her smile.  She’s just started to take notice of her surroundings more.  She joins older baby sister in bedtime story time, likes to see herself in the mirror, is curious about her rattle and loves to have a bath.

At the time of the photo session, Hazel’s accomplishments were mostly being a baby– eating and not spitting it up all over me, sleeping 4 hours in a row and plenty of diaper changing!  Now she’s all smiles and starting to laugh.  She makes the cutest faces and all kinds of silly noises!  Oh, and she rolled over just the other day”…. It is so exciting to hear how quick babies grow up and change :)

When I asked Hazel’s mum about how was it to get ready for the session, she said:

“Well, I finally got my haircut– it had been over a year!” …(- this is how busy life can get with 3 small children to take care to and share most wonderful moments with :) lol)

 …”But I’m sure you’re asking more about how we planned the photo session….  I really just looked at some of the photos I really liked (from various sources) and tried to work from there.  I’m so glad you were persistent with your questions about what I liked because I found that I really didn’t have a clue as to what I was wanting.”

And of course I always love to hear from any mum:

“I LOVE our portraits and cannot wait to hang them on the wall!  When I showed my family the online gallery, my mother literally cried because the photos were so beautiful and captured everyone’s true nature.  Thank you so much for everything!”

Thank you, Hazel’s family for being so considerate, patient, loving and sweet… I feel blessed to get to know you all and very grateful to be your photographer! :)



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