I love sunshine and sometimes I think I am addicted to it

I love to give a stranger a smile

My 4 year old is my greatest treasure

Both me and my daughter love to keep our hair long, “just like Rapunzel”

I never seize to enjoy the beauty around us

Galleries, shows, dinners with friends, new exibits, frozen yogurt with my daughter, day at the pool with the kids, new movie, wine tasting with girlfriends, hike with anyone who is ready to go, … is the best way to enjoy life

True relationships is my hobby

Just as much a trying out new restaurants

I see the best in everything

Cuddling in the morning with my daughter is my favorite time of the day (every day!)

I love to watch the rain from the window of my car

I love to turn up the volume while driving

Yoga is my favorite way to relax and challenge my body at the same time

Style is my way to feel attractive every day :)

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